Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our creation.

I feel like I actually accomplished something for once. c: Since, there isn't any skateparks around my house, my friends & I started cleaning up this spot, across the street from my house. It used to be an abandoned hospital, until they knocked it down. At first, the whole area was full of dirt & grass, until we cleaned it all up & found cement on the floor in front of the entrance gate.

After, we found old poles on the floor & we bended them by putting them between two thick branches from a tree. Luckily enough, there was a metal hole in the ground that fit perfectly with the pole. Now, we don't really have to worry about someone coming and taking away our rail to skate. Besides that pole, we collected up dirt & made them into little square blocks on the floor so we can do tricks over them. 

A couple days ago, I was hanging out with my friend & I showed him our "skate spot." lol He saw what we were trying to make & do with the spot. Eventually, he started hanging out with us since a week ago & asked me if he should bring an official skateboarding rail to grind & do tricks on. One day he did bring it & decided to leave it at my house in case someone steals it or takes it for scrap metal. The real is exactly the same as this one.
Now, I go there everyday afterschool. No matter if it's to go skate or just hang out with my friends & fool around. :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Horrible Week.

This has been the most boring week of all February. ;c It sucks being unable to skate, because I don't have a skateboard. </3 I wish saving up to buy a new one, wasn't such a struggle. Every single time I snap my deck, I get really mad & most likely start acting up with people, because I don't have skateboarding to calm me down & make me forget about everything else. It's like going to hell, in my opinion. haha xD

I wish I had a job already, so I can buy my own deck,  for every time I snap it. My life would be complete, because I wouldn't have to depend on anyone to buy me a new one or give me money. During the summer, I'm going job hunting, because I hate the fact of being broke all the time. >.< I think that's mainly every skaters' problem: struggling to buy new decks, trucks, wheels, etc., when needed.

Unlike most people, I don't buy or waste my money on things I don't need. I always try to make my skateboards last, even though they always end up breaking & stuff. .---. Maybe, I just have bad luck or something because it always happens to me. I need to change my stance while on my skateboard, because I have a habit of stomping on my board when trying to land a flip trick. Hopefully then, I won't snap my boards so quick. :3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So anxious.

Thank god, it's Thursday. (: That means tomorrow is Friday, which is the best day of the weekend. I'm really looking forward to Saturday, because I'm going to hang out with my friend from my old school. Also, I get to see this girl that I really like, ever since last year.  We're have a "movie night" at my friend Jesse's house. I don't know what movie we're gonna watch, but hopefully it isn't a chick flick. haha I don't like to watch them. xD

Hopefully, everything goes well. I'm so anxious & nervous cause I haven't seen this girl in such a while & every time I see her, I get butterflies. I hope I don't do anything stupid or embarrassing. (x I don't wanna make myself look like a fool in front of her. lol I've already done it before, a couple of times. Too bad... 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Well... Today's Valentine's Day and I don't have a valentine. xD Oh well... I see cute couples walk around school; it kinda makes me jealous. I shouldn't be though, because there's always next year. I don't need a valentine. All I need is chocolate & love from my friends. What more  can I ask for?

Today has been a pretty long day, but I'm glad it's almost over. I can't wait til' I go home, lay down on my bed & watch movies on my Netflix account all day. I didn't get anything today, but HEY! At least I got a cupcake. ^___^ That cupcake was amazing. I gotta give props to Jace for making that delicious cupcake. I was craving one all day. Hopefully, next year's Valentine's Day is better for me. (: HOPEFULLY. haha

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


If you didn't know, skateboarding is my passion & my only true love.<3 There's just something about skating that makes me feel so good in the inside. Every single time I'm going through a rough time or fight, i go outside & skate. I can always turn to skating to cheer me up. Idk what it is about it that makes it so important to me. I think it's all the commitment i've put into it...

Ever since 6th grade, i've been skating. I remember the first time i ever rode a skateboard & tried to do an ollie. I fell down, and got a cut on  my elbow. lol I started bleeding. xD The my friend told me to just try it again next time. Luckily, my neighbor was sponsored by a skateboard company named, "World Industries" & rode as an "Amateur" skater. One day, he needed gas money to go skate far & asked me if I was interested in buying a complete skateboard. I told him I was,  but only had $10. Then, he said it was fine, so I gave him my money. Ever since then, I've been skating everyday.

I think I have an obsession with skateboarding. The adrenaline feels so good. Especially, when I do a trick, catch the skateboard in the air, land it, & ride away. It feels so amazing, when the wind is blowing against me when I'm going home after a long day. To be honest, I don't know what I would be doing with my life, if it wasn't for skateboarding. I have a feeling, I'd probably be one of those street junkies or kids that hang out with the "bad crowd", smoking weed & doing other drugs. Thankfully, I'm not. That's why I stay committed to skateboarding, No matter how hurt I get, how hard I fall, or what I break. I plan on skateboarding til' I can't walk anymore.<333

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The World in My Perspective

Sometimes, I wonder... Am I the only one, who questions, "For what reason was I put in this world?" Growing up as a child, I was always a curious kid, who'd get in trouble almost everyday just because I love to explore, discover new things and touch everything. I remember, myself asking my mother so many questions about almost anything. Now to come and think about it, I wonder if my mom ever got annoyed of me. LOL I know i would of. I mean, who'd want to be stuck with an annoying child who asks so many questions? I wouldn't. xD Although, I asked so many questions, I'm kinda glad I did, because if I didn't, I feel I wouldn't be the same person I am today.

"Everybody makes mistakes. It's a normal thing. We learn from them." is what i've always been told growing up. I know we learn from them, well... at least I do, but why do I always blame myself and put myself down for things that passed already? That's the thing I hate the most about myself. I always question myself, to see who and how I really am. From what I know, I'm a very sentimental, curious, big-hearted person, who tries to fix himself from any downfall. It's not as easy as it sounds. To be honest, I think the reason why I'm such a sentimental person is because I never grew up with my father, who is suppose to be the only male role model in my life.

Growing up without him, made me realize, us as humans, we don't always have someone to guide you throughout life. I learned a lot about being my own friend when alone and being a better friend to others, when going through hard times. It's just something I like to do, because life is too short to be bummed out all the time and depressed. Another thing I ask myself is, "Am I depressed?" Maybe... Maybe, it's because I'm a cancer... Most cancers are sentimental, moody people. For example, it makes me sad, when I see children with disabilities, deformities, and special needs. It made me realize, normal people like me, have it so easily. People take advantage of that and don't realize how lucky we are.

Life isn't a game. There isn't an "undo" button to life. In other words, I think that every single human on the face of Earth were created to complete a mission. That mission is to find out who we truly are, where we are going, &  what we're doing with ourselves. In conclusion, we must learn from our mistakes, make the best of everything, achieve our goals, find out "real" us, & complete that mission of life. YEAHHH.....Something like that. hehe xD

Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th, 2013

 Well, this is the first blog i have ever posted in my life.  I honestly don't know what to write about, but I just need time to adjust. Leslie said, "Write about how your day was." Sadly, everyday is very boring day and I don't really do much except skate and sleep 24/7. I guess, I'll introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Arnold Giovanni Giron. I'm currently an 11th grader in AME at James Monroe High School. I'm 16 years old. I love eating different types of foods and my favorite hobby is  skateboarding. Overall, i just sleep all day, mind my own business, and collect cool rocks. So yeah... thats pretty much it. I"ll write more about myself in my future blogs.