Tuesday, February 12, 2013


If you didn't know, skateboarding is my passion & my only true love.<3 There's just something about skating that makes me feel so good in the inside. Every single time I'm going through a rough time or fight, i go outside & skate. I can always turn to skating to cheer me up. Idk what it is about it that makes it so important to me. I think it's all the commitment i've put into it...

Ever since 6th grade, i've been skating. I remember the first time i ever rode a skateboard & tried to do an ollie. I fell down, and got a cut on  my elbow. lol I started bleeding. xD The my friend told me to just try it again next time. Luckily, my neighbor was sponsored by a skateboard company named, "World Industries" & rode as an "Amateur" skater. One day, he needed gas money to go skate far & asked me if I was interested in buying a complete skateboard. I told him I was,  but only had $10. Then, he said it was fine, so I gave him my money. Ever since then, I've been skating everyday.

I think I have an obsession with skateboarding. The adrenaline feels so good. Especially, when I do a trick, catch the skateboard in the air, land it, & ride away. It feels so amazing, when the wind is blowing against me when I'm going home after a long day. To be honest, I don't know what I would be doing with my life, if it wasn't for skateboarding. I have a feeling, I'd probably be one of those street junkies or kids that hang out with the "bad crowd", smoking weed & doing other drugs. Thankfully, I'm not. That's why I stay committed to skateboarding, No matter how hurt I get, how hard I fall, or what I break. I plan on skateboarding til' I can't walk anymore.<333

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