Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The World in My Perspective

Sometimes, I wonder... Am I the only one, who questions, "For what reason was I put in this world?" Growing up as a child, I was always a curious kid, who'd get in trouble almost everyday just because I love to explore, discover new things and touch everything. I remember, myself asking my mother so many questions about almost anything. Now to come and think about it, I wonder if my mom ever got annoyed of me. LOL I know i would of. I mean, who'd want to be stuck with an annoying child who asks so many questions? I wouldn't. xD Although, I asked so many questions, I'm kinda glad I did, because if I didn't, I feel I wouldn't be the same person I am today.

"Everybody makes mistakes. It's a normal thing. We learn from them." is what i've always been told growing up. I know we learn from them, well... at least I do, but why do I always blame myself and put myself down for things that passed already? That's the thing I hate the most about myself. I always question myself, to see who and how I really am. From what I know, I'm a very sentimental, curious, big-hearted person, who tries to fix himself from any downfall. It's not as easy as it sounds. To be honest, I think the reason why I'm such a sentimental person is because I never grew up with my father, who is suppose to be the only male role model in my life.

Growing up without him, made me realize, us as humans, we don't always have someone to guide you throughout life. I learned a lot about being my own friend when alone and being a better friend to others, when going through hard times. It's just something I like to do, because life is too short to be bummed out all the time and depressed. Another thing I ask myself is, "Am I depressed?" Maybe... Maybe, it's because I'm a cancer... Most cancers are sentimental, moody people. For example, it makes me sad, when I see children with disabilities, deformities, and special needs. It made me realize, normal people like me, have it so easily. People take advantage of that and don't realize how lucky we are.

Life isn't a game. There isn't an "undo" button to life. In other words, I think that every single human on the face of Earth were created to complete a mission. That mission is to find out who we truly are, where we are going, &  what we're doing with ourselves. In conclusion, we must learn from our mistakes, make the best of everything, achieve our goals, find out "real" us, & complete that mission of life. YEAHHH.....Something like that. hehe xD

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