Thursday, February 21, 2013

So anxious.

Thank god, it's Thursday. (: That means tomorrow is Friday, which is the best day of the weekend. I'm really looking forward to Saturday, because I'm going to hang out with my friend from my old school. Also, I get to see this girl that I really like, ever since last year.  We're have a "movie night" at my friend Jesse's house. I don't know what movie we're gonna watch, but hopefully it isn't a chick flick. haha I don't like to watch them. xD

Hopefully, everything goes well. I'm so anxious & nervous cause I haven't seen this girl in such a while & every time I see her, I get butterflies. I hope I don't do anything stupid or embarrassing. (x I don't wanna make myself look like a fool in front of her. lol I've already done it before, a couple of times. Too bad... 

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